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[13 Apr 2003|11:21pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

That was one HELL of a party.....

...where are my socks....?

My head hurts.

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[25 May 2002|10:12am]
Fuck..It's been.................many days since Phil's birthday party. We've still not found him. I decided to hold a party of my own. Sooner or later that bald wanker will show up. He complains about people not knowing he's in the band, but if he'd make an APPEARANCE somewhere once in a while, he'd not have to endure it so much. I, personally, think that he's just put off by the fact that more skirts want me than him.

Rather enjoying the new cd by The Breeders. That's a band that needed a new CD, quite frankly. Never got into the bloody Pixies, but I rather enjoy The Breeders. Good bit of guitar work considering one of the twins...I can never keep them straight...learned in about a day. I only took about 4 days, myself...

Too bad Weezer didn't go on hiatus. I'll never figure out the fascination with that band.

Bloody hell, Hewlett? Albarn? Wot's up with letting some American candy company use a Gorillaz song? I'm sure it happened while Miho was away.... While you're in Holland, Miho, luv, bring me some nice green work from there. The quality around here is getting a bit shanky, I must say. Perhaps I should go back to Holland, actually... There are some Houses there that must be about under since Jerry G. kicked it.
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[21 May 2002|09:06am]
[ mood | amused ]

Wag The Dog will never NOT be funny for me........

Willie Nelson singing the words

Sit on my lap if you love me
But don't put your hand down there
I'll take short nap while you fluff me
I'm glad your Mama's not here......

just makes me laugh my arse off....

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[17 May 2002|10:19am]
[ mood | amused ]

Okay, I'm sorry, but the funniest damn headline I've seen in a LONG time came from yesterday's NY Daily News: Grand Jury Probes Priests

I SO wish I had a working scanner right now.....

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[14 May 2002|06:36am]
[ mood | cold ]

Just read journal entires of jhonenvasquez and johnny_c respectively and I must say, whot crap. These boys, and in Johnny's case I use that term not only loosely but with a chainsaw aimed at him, have done no harm except promote their work. Coffers with an utter lack of humour decide to try and ruin it because they're not as creative, I swear.

Creativity in mind, it pains me to see Thom give up. Must be the lack of Guinness. I note that he WAS able to post on our website's messageboards, tho. But I AM glad to see Jonny and Stanley are still around. Colin is the only AWOL member now. Phil on the other hand, is just a right bastard.

Still working hard on the album. For me, that was halted until my shoulder heals completely. Maybe I'll just write more lyrics?

I miss my girl, tho. Perhaps it's time for a visit....

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All OOCly [09 May 2002|01:31pm]
[ mood | weird ]

I'm feeling quite random today. My thoughts are revolving around my love.
I wrote this crap in my other LJ. Either the pain meds are REALLY taking a toll on me, or I'm edging closer to a mental exodus....

While my mind flows into darkness
Birds fly over me
I hope they don't shit on my head

Yawning is relaxing
Sleeping is underrated
Ray Romano is overrated
Pepsi is carbonated
I am more than infatuated
Carson Daly should be assassinated
What a fucking tool

If I go will I be who you need?
There is no other way
I must leave
There is nothing for me here
My foot is asleep

The girl runs
The boy falls
The car drives
The legs rest
The cat purrs
The dog barks
There is no way to end this well

It's now after one, past my bedtime. My 'Ed' id is telling me I should grab some Guinness and make asinine phone calls. My 'other' id is telling me to sleep it off....I'll talk to my koibito soon enough.....


I think Ed is winning

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[04 May 2002|11:28am]
[ mood | sore ]

Am I the only one frightened by the idea of Michael Jackson directing a movie?

.....Wonder if he'll get Rick Baker to help with make-up again.........

.....Wonder why I even gave this a second thought.......

I need a drink. I'm out of Guinness.......Guess the Cuervo'll have to do.....

Hmm, I have to remember to cancel my subscription to ESPN...Some basketball player was being interviewed by an ESPN talking head and said that Thom is the mastermind behind the band.....Wonder what Colin and Jon think about that? Phil, on the other hand, hasn't even surfaced yet. Maybe he never existed at all....

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[01 May 2002|02:53am]
[ mood | sore ]

My god...I've been gone for a while. Sorry folks, was a bit preoccupied with an injury to my prick shoulder. Apparently I ripped it while shagging several women at once working so it's been a bit uncomfortable sitting typing or anything ELSE I like to do like shagging MORE birds writing or even rolling a soothing spliff.....

I shall be back as soon as the swelling goes down and I don't walk too bowlegged. Jesus, let's not forget how IMPOSSIBLE it is to take a piss without screaming out in sheer agony, or, christ, putting on clean Calvin's. pain goes away so I can type.

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[17 Apr 2002|04:57am]
it's AMAZING what you find on the Internet at 5 am...
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[15 Apr 2002|11:43am]
Bloody hell.....my cable keeps dropping. I've not been able to post in a while as a result.

I wanna say thanks to chaps thomyorke and stanley_donwood for wishing me a happy birth(hatch, Stanley? At least I didn't metriculate...)day yesterday. There's nothing like being reminded about how much closer to death you are.


Where're my pressies, guys?

On a sad note, I'm gonna miss the ol' Hordes of fans that haunted the community...life won't be the same without them......Perhaps we should find a collective of backstage boozers or such to help keep our egos afloat. Of course.....jamie_hewlett may beat them to the alcohol.....he's even worse than I endeavor to be.

I'm glad Phil didn't keel over yesterday, perhaps in his weakend,exhausted condition he can be convinced to start up a journal. Jonny, on the other hand, must have joined a cult or militia in Montana or something. Bloke's been gone for WEEKS now......
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[11 Apr 2002|09:16am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

My god. Britany and Justin broke up....

I find it amusing that that is a leading headline in the papers I'm seeing, OVER the crap in Afghanistan, OVER the crap in Pakistan, over ALL of that stuff.

Editors and publishers seem to think that teenagers buy the newspaper. They think that the adults who DO buy them give a sod about some emaciated blonde and her boy-toy.

Wot's next? How poor Michael Jackson is?

I need to be reminded, is this important to me? I mean, if I DON'T know this crap am I an awful shell of my formal self? Wait.........if I'm Cher...I already AM a shell of my former self......Bloody hell...But I mean REALLY , who gives a crap?

On a good note, no more resin. I GOT A QP! My WONDERFUL delivery boy came through this morning. So, as soon as the burning of my lungs subsides, I shall enjoy a spliff or two and kick back to watch some high-quality television. *checks guide for South Park episodes*

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Oh god.....won't Thom have a blast with THIS...... [10 Apr 2002|09:49am]
[ mood | Emotionally Destroyed ]

take the cher test
and go to mewing.net. because laura isn't cher


I need a drink......
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Final Farewell [09 Apr 2002|08:46am]
Goodnight, Queen Mother

04.08.1900 - 30.03.2002
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Bored... [09 Apr 2002|02:38am]
[ mood | distressed ]

Been running around a bit lately, now I have a bit of time to myself and I don't know what to do.

I started watching a Woody Allen movie a bit earlier, rather amusing one. The old perv has a bit of talent after all.


My bag is empty....

My god, if I have to use resin, I'll go batty....

I'd better book a flight to Holland....

Ah, on a happy note, colin_greenwood has a journal, too. Good deal, mate. We're still looking for Phil, bugger is probably still running around the country preparing for his marathon....

And Jonny, where did you go? Fall alseep in a cabinet again?

Thom, lay off me laughing at you. It's not like it's a NEW thing, by any means...Besides, if I didn't laugh at you, you'd not be inspired to write after running to Rach....

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I think this test was rigged.... [06 Apr 2002|12:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Take the Radiohead Collective Member Test.

I also believe I need a new icon...
But I DID get this on the first try....

Imagine the horror if I turned out to be Doc Tchock...
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[05 Apr 2002|09:45am]
[ mood | busy ]

Okay, I changed the colour, at least. For some reason, I can't set it up the way that I want to. I'm going to do a bit more reading, then see if I can pop a pic up there....maybe of The Plank....

Poor Thom, can't imagine how he's handling not having a working computer. Of course, he probably beat it a few times...

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[05 Apr 2002|08:49am]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm rather amused by what I'm seeing on the news. It seems in the States, scientists have been studying the statistics of birth defects among children born to first cousins. It seems that children born to those who were born to....strangers..(is that the right way to put it?)..is run a 3-4% chance of having a birth defect and children who have first cousins as parents run a 5-7% risk of a birth defect.

This only prompts me to question the Royal Family-more than I normally do. Looking at Charlie, it seems to me that that family ran a 17-28% chance...but that's just me guessing...maybe it's higher.

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Virgin entry [04 Apr 2002|11:03am]
[ mood | weird ]

Hn....That title up there seems a bit Freudian...

Alright, so Thom convinced me I needed a journal. I'm not sure why, but he's bent on getting all of us up on technology. I'm rather convinced I wrote enough during the Kid A sessions to more than excuse myself from writing now.

Seeing as my computer skills are rather lacking, I may get Thom to change my colour scheme. I'm thinking the purple background isn't very, shall we say...MASCULINE. He's so keen on me writing, he could have at least taught me a bit about design rather than let me fend for myself. Hn. Maybe I'll play with it more later...I should find some lit to read about design...

Well..that's it..I'm off..

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